Monday, December 13, 2010

The Second Chakra

My yoga instructor is also an energy healer so she will often talk about our chakra system in class.  It's a new topic for me and I find it fascinating.  I guess all of our seven chakras, or you can also think of them as energy centers,  are opened or closed to varying degrees. They open like a flower, from the inside out, and we can apparently train them to open more or close more if needed. 

The biggest value I've gotten so far from this learning is the understanding that most of us are walking around with our second chakra (lower belly), way too open. And the consequence is that it makes us overly sensitive to other people's emotional states and energy because if the chakra is wide open, we walk around absorbing their energy, good and bad. Instead we could all benefit from closing this chakra a bit (tell it to close/visualize it closing) and giving ourselves more emotional boundaries and protection as we go through our day.  This is probably more complicated than I am making it sound, but honestly, I've been so impressed with the exercise of actively closing my second chakra, that I'm pretty much a believer. I honestly can feel a difference. Give it a try.  It might just help us all float through this holiday season with ease.

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