Thursday, December 9, 2010

Does -anyone- out there make a cool Christmas Tree Skirt?

I promise to soon write about my dietary adventures, and other interesting tidbits of stuff. But I'm into holiday mode here...aren't we all? there's a ton of merchie merch I have to show you.

I decided once and for all I will not use the ugly Christmas tree skirt we have made by Martha Stewart. Although Martha deserves much praise, I think she mailed it in with the Kmart deal. The Kmart/Martha Brand was junk. And my ugly tree skirt is an example. I won't post it. It's too ugly. So quickly, I found a few cute ideas. I'm not crazy over any of them, but so far this is what I found.

The first is the cheap Santa skirt I'll probably buy from Amazon cause it's cheeky fun, and the expensive pretty skirt I found on Anthropologie is the second. Lastly, I tried to find a real sheepskin tree skirt as my when-I-don't-have-kids idea but only came up with the photo below which you could easily pull off with a couple of IKEA's inexpensive skeepskins.

If I were really crafty I would make my own. Maybe someday. Anyone have any other ideas?

Wouldn't we all love our presents to be served up on this super soft sheepskin rug this year?

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