Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Found - Somewhat stylish winter boot

This boot will not end up in Vogue anytime soon, but up here in New England, everyone has a need for a real boot, the serious kind. The walking around in slush, rain, snow, kind. Every winter living in NYC I would wear a simple black leather boot, zip-up, form fitting, it worked perfectly. It got wet but somehow not enough to warrant another kind of boot.  Head 200 miles northeast of NYC, totally different ball game. 

So, I looked around, and this is what I found. A boot by North Face called the Nuptse Knee High Boot that you can wear with leggings or tights or skinny jeans, black and form fitting, not ultra stylized but it does fit well and can kind of blend in with any outfit.

I bought them, tried them on with a skirt and they looked great. Perfect. Case closed.

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