Friday, December 17, 2010

For the weekend...

I leave you all for the weekend with a cozy photo and some nice words.  I hope you all have fun holiday plans. I'm nursing a bad cold so I have a feeling I'll be staying in and drinking tea and wrapping presents this weekend.

Isn't this photo so warm and wintery? I'd love to curl up on this couch right now.  The reading below is from a daily Kabbalah reading I get in my email everyday. I don't practice Kabbalah but I use the sayings more like a daily horoscope.

When you’re expecting something wonderful to happen, before it does, only share it with people who want the best for you. Then be quiet and wait for it to happen. Seal the energy. After it happens you can celebrate with the world. What wonderful things are you expecting? (Shhhh)

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