Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cool Canoe and last minute stuff

First, anyone need an original gift? Ofcourse you may not receive this in time for the holiday, but if you're having a New Year's party - how perfect!  These are wood cutting boards and serving boards - maple, oak and cherry from Canoe.  Staright from the tree, no glue, no parts, no splitting. Very cool. They range from $18-$28. You could almost pop one up on a mantel as a piece of art.

Second, have you guys heard about Ted? It's an online source of inspirational and educational lectures, presentations and videos.  In their words, "they are a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading". Not that any of us really need another excuse to spend more time on the internet, but the site looks interesting with lectures from sports figures, entertainers, business people (Bill Gates), professors, the list goes on and on.  I spent a few minutes browsing through and need a bit more time, but there were many topics I was interested in and will spend more time on the site soon.

Third, I'll leave you with this for the day. Aren't these sweet? You can pick these up at PlanetFur on Etsy. I almost can't post about these without buying one.


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