Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cool cheap stuff

The shopping season is here. Need some good ideas?

Whenever I go to NYC, I always always always hit Pearl River Market in Soho. Anyone who has been knows that it's great for getting good, fun, interesting cheap stuff. The goods news is that they have a website now.  I grabbed a few cool things to show you, but the Website has tons and tons more. You'll see instantly what I'm talking about. Fun stuff, great gifts for kids especially - great stocking stuffer items...most of which none of their friends will have. Here's a tiny sampling...

The shoes below. So sweet. I buy a bunch for my daughter every time I go. They are between $3-$8 EACH. Cheap!

Does your child love paper airplanes? Origami Packs - $16.95

Silk Butterfly kite.  $9.50  Fabulous colors. I dream of my daughter's birthday party with a bunch of these hanging from the ceiling. Wouldn't that be beautiful?  With a toy accordion for $1.50.

And for a boys party....I think this is $9.95

 For the moms. Sweet little black ballet shoes. $4.95. Seriously!


  1. ah! I miss Pearl River. Love their sushi sets! Did my entire Xmas shop there one year...

  2. Went to Pearl River in SoHo this summer. Very fun and relatively hard to kill the bank account.