Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gift Wrap 2010

I could post ideas from Martha Stewart who has a million gift designs, or Real Simple Magazine or the places to buy really fancy, beautiful wrapping papers but I am going to stick to two topics - my favorite source for stylish gift wrap ideas, and fun eco ideas for gift wrapping.

Anthropologie wins hands down when it comes to cool gift wrapping. I use to steal their ideas every year. I can still remember seeing a gift wrapped in the midtown store maybe ten years ago - basic brown paper with pink and purple yarn used as ribbon, and a little button tied in the middle. I still use yarn for this purpose, and for many other purposes. Here are two Anthropology ideas for 2010. 

Clearly a boiled wool theme here. So simple. You can buy boiled wool at most craft stores and re-create these designs. If you can't find the balls just buy colorful boiled wool, in any form, yarn, ribbon, a needle and basic paper and get creative! 

As far as being eco and inexpensive and crafty. Here are some favs of what I've done in past:

Kid's Artwork - Use your child's artwork as wrapping paper. This is the best. Family members love this.

Mail Packaging Paper - Use brown mail packaging paper if you have it around which is only paper, not a paper/plastic combo), and old yarn. Double or triple up the strands of yarn or use different colors.

Crafty craft paper - Use plain rolls of white craft paper if you have it around and hand draw your bows and ribbons with paint, markers or crayons.

Fabric - Use old or mismatched pieces of fabric you have around as wrapping paper. This works well with small gifts and if you use ribbon or yarn as a tie, the giftee can probably reuse the fabric.

Nature - This year I will be wrapping family gifts in recycled brown mail packaging paper and using twine as the ribbon but adding a spring of something in my yard as the bow. Whatever is still alive out there. Even if it's just a twig, I'll use it!

There you have it. Did I miss anything?  If not, get wrapping! You only have ten more days until Christmas!

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