Saturday, January 1, 2011

Back to business

Happy New Year! 

Whew, didn't mean to be away from blogland for so long. Christmas festivities, travel, family visits and re-enty into a routine has kept me away. Lots of fun and quality time with family and friends, but now it's time to refocus and re-prioritize for the coming year. I think it's great we have this time every year to at least think about the changes we want to make in our lives. Even if we don't act right away, I think the process itself gets us at least closer to realizing the goal.

That said, one of my priorities will be better eating. So, for the month of January my goal is to cook more, and......eliminate sugar. I loved all the holiday food over the past few weeks, but from trials in the past, I know I feel much better when I go without sugar. So here I go again. Anyone else in? It's not that hard, I swear!

If you can get past the first week or two of withdrawl, literally, then you're home free (unless ofcourse you cheat). And I'm not suggesting a sugar-free year, only a month. As a trial. To experience the health changes.  When doing this in the past, although brutal for a few days, I felt incredibly calm, mood swings went awat, and I experienced way way better sleep. That's me ofcourse. I wonder how other people will feel?

So to remove sugar: remove honey, molasses, white and brown sugar and all the derivatives, chemical or otherwise. I allow myself stevia and fruit juice sweetened stuff. Here are some other tips....

A good book I found as a good reference the last time I did this.

GT Organic Raw Kombucha drinks are a lifesaver, especially when withdrawling from sugar. They actually use sugar to brew the Kombucha but the good bacteria eats it all up, so other than then fruit juice that's added, it's all good! And it helps with sugar cravings. Most natural grocers carry these, and Whole Foods or you can order them in bulk here.

And if you're in a real bind and crave sugar, Dagoba 87% dark chocolate works too. A wee bit of sugar but no big deal. I love this brand. The best.

Wish me luck! And ditto to anyone else who goes for it!

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