Wednesday, January 12, 2011

snow day

We are knee deep in snow. I can't even see the tree swing in our backyard so I know this is big. Lots of snow.  It's windy and beautiful.

Kids are home. Peter's working in the basement. I went through my snow day list of things to do in about 4 hours. We've already built towers and buildings, used our new colored pencils from Santa, Henry has opened up all his new legos sets and had lunch. And it's only 1:13pm. Humm.. I'm starting to think our afternoon might be video related. 

Thankfully we bought the kids the Planet Earth video series produced by the BBC for Christmas and it's really amazing. The kids love it, it's captivating, and each of the five segments is about 3 hours long.  Perfect. I'm feeling a tad guilty but I'm telling myself it's very educational and we'll go outside after.

How about the rest of you on the East coast ... are you all surviving or thriving in the snow today???

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