Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I miss you

"Can you have a crush on a city? Every now and then I can't help myself. I lower my guard and let New York City overwhelm my skeptical photographer's eye, my cautious intellectual side, and I end up with an unabashedly romantic take on the town that has been my home for twenty-six years.........when the summer sun is low and the streets are wet and the clouds are snagged by tall, tall buildings, I trust my heart and I wrap myself around these streets like I'm in love, even when I know this town is going to break my heart right around the next corner. " 
Well written by photographer Joseph O. Holmes.

Joseph O. Holmes. Central Park South

I couldn't resist this photo. I just bought this print from a site I found called www.20x200.com - every piece of art if just $20. Cool, new, accessible art. Very clever.

Nothing more to say about the photo. Mr. Holmes summed it up perfectly.

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