Monday, April 25, 2011

a few things...

Busy days for sure. More blogs coming soon, promise. But for now...a few things...

As promised here's a pic of the actual tart I made and served this past weekend for Easter, from Clean Start. This is the first dessert I've every made and served. It doesn't look like the cookbook photo, ofcourse, but it was very tasty. My kids helped and the whole thing was made in less than 30 minutes. I'm sold on this book and made a pact with myself to try every recipe in the book, even if it takes me 5 years. Check it out.

Did you see on today. Cheap framed prints!

Also, I love FLOR modular carpet tiles. Have I mentioned this? I have pretty much 'flored' my whole house. Just saw this layout in their new catalog today. I am so inspired by these bright mustard yellow tiles. A little retro but so great for a splash of color in an entryway or mudroom, or dining room, hallway. What do you all think? Could you incorporate a little yellow in somewhere?

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