Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Clean Start by Terry Walters

My sister in law recommended this cookbook over the weekend. I can easily say it's the best health oriented cookbook I now own.

I tend to get suckered into health-related, special-diet cookbooks, only to use them once, maybe twice. My issues are usually that the recipes either don't taste good, or are too complicated, or (embarrassing to admit) they don't have enough inspiring pictures.

This one is different.

Terry Walters steers clear of allergenic foods like gluten and dairy, and also avoids sugar, but you would never think this a 'special diet' cookbook. The recipes are all appealing and they're all healthy and there are lots of photos. 

Two other big sellers: the recipes are broken down by season. Which I love. And she tells you how to stock a healthy pantry so you have all of the basic ingredients ready and handy.

This is the dish I tried over the weekend that sold me on the book. Pollenta pizza. Gluten, dairy, sugar free and it's delicious!

I'm going to try her Blueberry Crisp recipe for Easter this weekend. I'll let you all know how it goes!

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