Friday, April 1, 2011


As mentioned, I love DWELL magazine.  I'm a true modernist at heart. And once in awhile there is a house to really lust after. One hit the stands this month. Lots of very interesting things about this house. Check it out.

The house was built for $320,000 and it's 4,357 square feet. Ofcourse you could say, that's because it's Mexico. Probably true. This house is built in a gated community, where there are very high gates, armed guards, barbed wires and IDs required round the clock. So as long as you never leave your house, you safe I suppose.

The architect Jorge Gracia is well-known in Mexico and Southern Calif. Gracia says he's "an architect in a city with no architecture" and if you look at the front photo of the house you can see it's stand out. In these parts, and he says it's true of Mexicans in general, they stay close to their families and are home a lot, so this house faces inward. Everything hidden and private.

I love the pool and the deck and the kitchen and the bamboo. And they have a parrot and a turtle. Easy to do I guess when you live in the lovely hot Mexican climate.

So although this modern home may be a bit too stark-modern for most, you can't deny it's very cool.

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