Monday, March 7, 2011

Under the Williamsburg bridge..

...there is a great little store called Brook Farm General Store. When you happen to be under the Williamsburg bridge, located in Brooklyn, NY, stop in! It's a fun place to shop.

But I'm guessing most of you won't be in this location anytime soon, so here's a glimpse of what they sell. And the good news is you can visit their website and buy just about everything online. Brook Farm General Store

In my never ending quest for organization and simplicity in my home, the styling and quality of their product selection is very inspiring to me. Take a look!

Tourne Wool Blanket
Glass Tumblers made from recycled Franciscan wine bottles

Fog Linen Table Cloths
Woven hamper/basket
Whiskey Rocks. Substitute for ice cubes but for hot and cold beverages - love these!!
Savon Rose DeMarseille/Soap
Simple Home, book by Mark and Sally Bailey
Homeade bees wax candles
Cutting Board
Large market backpack - great idea!

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