Tuesday, March 15, 2011


For all the crafters out there. I thought this was a fun and easy gift/craft idea. Children's play blocks that form a puzzle. I love the graphics and the bright colors....This fun idea was created by a crafty mom from chasingcheerios.blogspot.com.  Find the surprisingly easy directions with a few of my side notes at the bottom of the post!

Puzzle Block Directions:
To make these puzzle blocks you need: 9 blocks (1.5 inches square), scrapbook paper, sand paper, stencils, scissors, mod podge, and a pencil. Note I asked her where you can get the wooden blocks and she said Michael's crafts or Hobby Lobby or Casey's Wood Supply online. You started by sanding the edges and corners of the blocks.  Chose your animal stencils, traced the animals stencils on the back of sheets of scrapbook paper, draw the graph of blocks over the stenciled animal shape, cut out the squares, then cut out each animal shape from the squares. Glue each animal part to the blocks using mod podge (glue).   After letting the blocks dry for a few days, paint them with a layer of protective mod podge (sealant?). Note from Modish: Think of the possibilities here....some artwork from your child?!! A photograph?!!

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