Saturday, March 19, 2011

A few bits..

Cool, cheap, modern art by Etsy shop PaintSqaure. These would look great in anyone's entryway, don't you think? Especially against a bright white wall!

Here is a photo of the husband/wife artist team from Paintsquare. They did an interview with Etsy and seem to have a lovely life somewhere outside of a major city (they didn't diclose). This is their country house in the background. Doesn't it look interesting? I want to see more. Too bad they didn't give a house tour!

So as of 4am this morning, we're off on a family vacation way down south.  Can't bring my mac, and I'm thinking it will be slightly painful to try to post from my iphone, so I'll see you'all in a week! I'll miss Modish, and please enter your email so we can catch up as soon as I return! I already have a long list of fun Spring "inspirings" to share with you all!

Happy Week!

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