Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Turks vacay

I'm back. We had an amazing time in Turks and Caicos.  Everything was great with the exception of airport trouble, but all was well worth it. A few pictures today and then back to the Modish stuff tomorrow.

Check out this cool piece of art that was hanging outside our room. No named artist.

And check out the great color palette in the main dining room. Light turquoise chairs and wood work with white, white walls and linens and bright red artwork. If you looks closely, the curve line on the red piece is a line of shells. How easy to re-create? I'm very inspired to use this palette in my own dining room some day. Very spicy.  And yes, that's my husband in the photo!

The resort was really well designed and beautiful all the way around. I wish I got better photos. The darn iphone doesn't get the job done sometimes. I can away the details of you'd like. I highly recommend both the island and the resort. I don't think the beach could have been better....it looks like this every day.

And finally, two tired kids at the airtport...

 Back tomorrow!

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  1. looks amazing. You'll have to tell me which resort!