Tuesday, May 3, 2011

PoFu Garden Confetti

I was on my way to posting about a pretty clothing line I saw on Etsy, only to get sidetracked with these sweet little balls of color called Spring Garden Confetti made by PoFu. It took me a minute to figure out what these were. Here's the write-up;

Made of clay, compost and wildflower seeds, these little balls of joy can be shared wherever you wander! See a spot that could use some brightening? Throw a little love and Voila - Flowers! Because of their composition these little guys don't need to be watered or tended in any way, and can be thrown any season without frost.

This is my kind've gardening. Easy and pretty. And how perfect for a "late" mom's day gift or house warming gift or hostess gift. But I have to disclose,  she is sold out right now but supposedly making more. I am going to email her to find out and beg if needed. I'll let you all know.

But really, what a clever idea!

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