Sunday, May 15, 2011

A few weekend things..

My house is on the market again. Been meaning to post the pictures in case anyone wants to buy it...cause you never know. It's a really lovely house. I'll be sad to leave but it's time to go. 

So I'm a wee bit behind but I want to throw out a few mini blogs I've been meaning to post.

First, have you seen the cover of Serena and Lily's catalog for the spring/summer? Here's a sneak peak of it in case you don't get it. Love the cover's stunning and makes me want to buy all of their linens.

 Love the pink rug and yellow duvet combo.

Also, I recently found a great nail polish remover called Peacekeeper that's virtually non toxic. It really works without the horrible toxic fumes. Finally! Find the whole line of eco products at

Saving the best for my husband and I work on cleaning up our diet for the spring/summer season with the help of a local Naturopath...we've been trying more healthy cleanse-type recipes. 

Here's a Healthy Rice Crispy Treat recipe I've been making from her cleanse coobook to help with sugar cravings. Mind you, it has a sweetener in it, but it's low glycemic and high in protein.

You need: 
3/4 cups of brown rice crispy cereal (gluten free, no sugar kind)
3/4 cup of brown rice syrup
1 cup of almond butter (no sugar kind). 

Butter a 9x12 dish.  Heat up syrup and almond butter in a pan on low/medium heat, after it melts together, fold it into the rice crispys in a separate bowl and stir gently. After thoroughly mixed, spread the whole mixture into the pan you just buttered. Let cool for 30 minutes and they are done! So good.  And you can add anything you want - nuts, dried fruit etc. So easy, so fast!

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