Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Birthday fun

My Sophie is 3 today! I can barely believe it. Three years flew. So we started off the day as we did with Henry  - balloons, glitter, a little surprise, some singing and off to school. Presents, cake and Cinderella will come later in the day but Sophie gets to wear her princess costume all day today wherever we go, which is huge!

So speaking of birthdays, I saw a great idea last week by Sara Westbrook for a homemade Valentines Day or Birthday gift. These necklaces are made out of giant gumballs! 

All you need: thin ribbon, a large needle and the candy. Don't they look like real beads? Gumballs really don't go bad so these can be worn for a long time if they can be resisted! What a great idea!

Photos by Sara Westbrook

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