Sunday, February 27, 2011

Now that I am back...

So sorry for the long blog vacation!  I took a quick trip to the Cape during school break, everything got caught up, and I left without sending out my last planned post. What was I thinking?!

But it has been a nice week away. And I have lots of ideas bubbling over since I've been gone for so long. I hope you're all still here, checking in!

To start with, I thought I'd share with you a few of my Cape favorites.

Cape Weekends is located in Orleans on the way to Nauset Beach. I only recently discovered this shop, last year. It's huge. I love their collection of items. The owner has great taste and seems to find the trendiest stuff in every category - kids, clothing, home goods, art, jewelry. She carries some Brooklyn designers too which I always seem to favor. Lucky Fish for one. Love Lucky Fish. Here is a very tiny sampling. She has a website with a small online shop too, but visiting is way better.

Orla Kiely ofcourse

Feisty Elle "Dhalia" felt earrings

Cate and Levi lamb

Zaishu Flower table

Cape Cod artist Wendelin Glatzel

Another favorite is Salon 16 West also in Orleans. Mainly because they carry a great line of skincare products called Welstar, that are all natural, totally organic and essential oil based.  They are a made in very small batches using only pure, raw materials. Visit their website to see the whole product line I love how pure these products are and she even carries a sun protection line that's essential oil based.

A few others to mention.

- The semi-new French bakery and restaurant in South Wellfleet called PB Boulangerie. I must admit, I've never been overwhelmed with the restaurants on the Cape, all very predictable, but this place is truly French and very sophisticated.
- Ofcourse the Candy Manor in Chatham..
- The Chatham Bars Inn is a luxury inn but also a great place for cocktails, dinner or a bar style lunch when in the area.
East Wind Silver in Chatham for inexpensive but good quality silver jewelry.
- I love the bookstore, Where The Sidewalk Ends, in Chatham. Not only is this a great title for a bookstore, but this place is very cozy and friendly and they offer up a great selection of interesting books, local and otherwise.
- And then there is my favorite Art Gallery in Provincetown. I'll blog about this deserves it's own blog post....

I'm off to start watching the Oscars...good night!

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  1. Those Dahlia earrings are so very Portland. I love them!