Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Souen, NYC. A Macrobiotic meal. Broccoli Tofu, Mu Tea anyone?

My first post of a few on our trip to NYC last week. How I miss it so. I took my family back to my favorite macrobiotic restaurant located in SOHO. I used to eat there by myself when I lived in NYC because I was really one of two people I know who like or would really desire to eat Macrobiotic. Not my normal diet - too many grains - but really good food too. Here is a sampling of what you might expect at a Macrobiotic restaurant: maze salmon, gluten free cornbread, vegetable curry, bean soup, steamed greens, and healthy dessert goodies such as sugar, gluten and dairy free parfaits, scones and muffins and tofu cheesecake. Really good food. Once I was in NYC by myself, I ate a basic lunch at Souen and the meal not only fueled me for an entire day of walking the streets of NYC, but kept me full until a very late dinner 10 hours later.

It's all about Yin Foods and Yang Foods (which fascinates me), and the idea that we should eat balanced food, local and unprocessed, that's easy to digest, and it should taste good. Ofcourse, I think we would all agree with that as the desired diet, but what is also means is that you basically do the following:

  • Make well-chewed whole grains (such as brown rice) 25 percent of your daily dietary intake.
  • Vegetables should be 30-40 percent of your daily dietary intake.
  • Beans and legumes should be five to 10 percent of your daily dietary intake.
  • Bean and/or miso soups should be approximately five percent of your daily dietary intake.
  • The remaining intake should be composed of fish, nuts, seeds and fruits.
  • Nightshade vegetables (such as potatoes, peppers and tomatoes) should be avoided.
  • Avoid stimulating foods (such as hot spices, tropical fruits, sugar and caffeine) and dense foods that create stagnation (such as dairy, poultry, meat, eggs and salt.) Instead, eat foods that promote balance such as whole grains, beans, fruits and nuts.
  • Don't eat dairy, meat or poultry. These foods are avoided on macrobiotic diets.
  • Avoid coffee, tea and soda. Teas made with roasted grains or dandelion greens are acceptable.
  • All cooking and drinking water must be purified.
  • Select only organic produce.
  • Use only fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid canned and frozen produce.
  • Avoid use of the microwave to prepare your food.
  • Avoid intake of all animal products except for fish.

Yikes, a tad strict for me, but I admire those who can stick to it. It's truly a very healthy diet for most people. What about any of you, who may be reading this post one day - seem appealing?

So there you have it foodie readers. Check it out next time you're in NYC. I do recommend! This btw, will be one of my many posts about food and diet. An obsession of mine.

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