Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cy Twombly Exhibit

I was so excited to post about this artist, Cy Twombly, when I learned online this morning, the Portland Art Museum was going to showcase his work February - May 2010 and since Portland ME is only a short ride from where I live, how exciting! His work is amazing. At first pass, some of it looks like something you'd see on the walls of a preschool, but actually, it's the real deal - modern, beautiful and very thoughtful. 

The downside of this post is that his work will not be featured in Portland, ME, but in Portland OR - But I decided to write about his work anyway and show you a few pieces because I think it's inspiring, and who knows, maybe Portland OR is nearby for you! Wouldn't you just love one of these pieces hanging in your house?

Lepanto, 2001

The Castle, 1958

To see more of Cy Twombly's artwork see, or visit the Gagosian Gallery at

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