Saturday, August 27, 2011

Best of the best dining on Martha's Vineyard

We arrived home from Martha's Vineyard late last night with Hurricane Irene hot on our heels. Timing not so great for our week of vacation but we had five amazing days of sun, biking, the beach and good food. I will post more later about the Best of the Vineyard, but the most pressing news is regarding our favorite restaurant: State Road Restaurant located in West Tisbury. Farm-to-table, low-key casual, but amazing food. 

So much so, that the Obama's, the Governer and Vernon Jordan decided to dine there last Thursday night - the same night as us! Two tables over from us. What luck to see the President up close and in person. Barack and Michelle Obama are so tall and elegant the two of them - and both so handsome. We were in awe. Now I love them both even more.

But back to State Road. Some pics below from their site (we were there too late to take our own pics, but wish I could have snagged one of Barack dining. We were nervous to do so with secret service literally swarming the place). We had 4 courses each with tea at the end. Everything is fresh from the island or the sea around the island. They have an amazing garden you can walk through near the restaurant. They sell their own handmade chocolate bars. They are an earthy, classy, friendly staff too. 

I usually don't like to over promote or over sell anything, but this restaurant is one of the best. Note - if you want to go, make your res weeks or months in advance. You can also check them out or buy their chocolate at

Had to show you - The SALTY BUTTERSCOTCH WHISKEY PUDDING with sunflower seed brittle!!

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